Protein-Protein Interaction in Cassava

For example: cassava4.1_005518m or B1NWJ5

Description of terminology

Protein ID : A protein interacting with the searched protein in the formatted name as shown in Phytozome database (cassava genome version 4.1)
Other name : An alternative protein ID name in Uniprot database
Supporting evidence : Two types of information supporting each PPI (gene/protein co-expression or domain-domain interaction (DDI))
Source : Database(s) providing PPI of template plant
Template plant : Number of template plants involving in an inference of cassava PPI
No. DDI : Number of domain-domain interactions supporting each inference of cassava PPI
CV grade : Classification of predicted PPIs based on confidence level;
Basal (B) : only interolog approach inferring
High (H) : interolog approach inferring with DDI support
H1 (CV score ≥ 80th percentile)
H2 (50th ≤ CV score < 80th percentile)
H3 (CV score < 50th percentile)
CV score : Confidence value of each predicted PPI in the range of 0 to 1
CV percentile : The percentile of CV score of a predicted interaction
CV = 0 (only interolog approach inferring)
0.14 ≤ CV score ≤ 1 (H1: Highest confidence)
0.12 ≤ CV score < 0.14 (H2: very high confidence)
0.01 ≤ CV score < 0.12 (H3: High confidence)
CV percentile : The percentile of CV score of predicted interaction