Protein-Protein Interactions in Cassava (MePPI-U)

MePPI-U, Protein-protein interaction (PPI) network of cassava, was constructed based on interolog and domain methods. This cassava PPI network is an update version of MePPI-In (Thanasomboon et al, 2017). The MePPI-U consisted of 3,638,916 interactions of 24,590 proteins covering 60 percent of proteins in cassava genome.

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Description of terminology

Interacted Protein : the protein(s) that interact(s) with the searched protein
Definition : the definition of the interacted protein based on Arabidopsis
Prediction method : the methods that use to predict the interaction between protein pairs; I (interolog-based method), D (domain-based method) and I/D (both interolog- and domain- based method)
CV score : confidence score of predicted interaction based on number/method to identify PPI in template plant and number of domain and DDI between protein pairs.
Co-expression support : the interaction that have co-expression support information; 1 (co-expression support) and 0 (non co-expression support)