Ph.D. Scholarship in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in cooperation with National Science and Technology Development Agency establish “The Scholarship for the Development of High Quality Research Graduates in Science and Technology Petchra Pra Jom Klao Ph.D. Research Scholarship (KMUTT – NSTDA)”

To support doctoral degree education for enhance research work experience and continuously developed under the supervisor of faculty members or research groups with high research experience for developing to be a quality doctorate that will be an important part in the development and production of research or perform tasks that use advanced knowledge and skills that has been beneficial to the economic and social conditions of the society with a cooperation period of 5 years since the academic year 2019-2023.

Three themes of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology topic including

  • Modeling Carbon Assimilation in Developing Cassava Storage Roots under Distinct Growing Condition (Irrigation/Nutrition) to Enhance Resource Used Efficiency
  • Investigation of Transcriptional Regulatory Network Underlying Desired Starch Trait (Yield and Quality) of Cassava Root
  • Modeling the Microbial Community to Increase the Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment Application

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Academic Year 2/2020 Additional Round (Beginning January 2021)

Please find more information on this link KMUTT Petchra Pra Jom Klao Doctoral Scholarship