Biological Modeling Laboratory (BML) is a part of the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics research group (SBI) at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand. BML is formed from a group of researchers who work across disciplines, including chemical engineering, biological sciences, computer sciences, statistics and mathematics. With a highly collaborative working style, BML aims to utilize our multidisciplinary expertise for breaking ground of the current cellular regulation study. Research at BML focuses on the exploitation of modeling techniques for accelerating the comprehensive study on the biological regulation inside a living organism, which ultimately leads to capability of prediction. The current interests emphasize on elucidation of the cellular regulation modulating crop plant development, phyto-product biosynthesis and crop yield improvement. The most active research in BML is relevant to the study of regulation underlying starch biosynthesis in cassava roots, the crop of the 21st century, to accomplish the designer starch yield and quality.

BML model