A web application tool for predicting interactions of DNA-binding domain and TFBS in plants based on machine learning approach

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DNA sequence at least 7 bp is required, ambigous base not allowed.
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DNA-binding domain

DNA-binding domain (DBD) is a structural motif region in a transcription factor that recognizes a specific DNA sequence.

The model covers 26 DBD types of 30 TF families read more


The promoter sequence is an upstream sequence from the transcription start sites of a gene which proteins can bind and initiate gene transcription.

The promoter region contains specific DNA sequences for DNA-binding proteins; transcription factor (TF), called transcription factor binding site (TFBS).

A sequence length promoter should be ≥ 7 bps. An ambiguous base is not allowed.

For a setting criterion for predicting interaction between DBD and TFBS, the interaction probability should be greater than 0.5. The default threshold was set at 0.7.

The higher probability threshold is the higher confidence of the predicted interaction.


Ruengsrichaiya B, Nukoolkit C, Kalapanulak S and Saithong T (2022) Plant-DTI: Extending the landscape of TF protein and DNA interaction in plants by a machine learning-based approach. Front. Plant Sci. 13:970018. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.970018